Destination Solitaire

Crash fixes and performance improvements.
Travel the world in Destination Solitaire, a fun new way to experience Solitaire! You have been chosen to compete in the WSA (World Solitaire Association) Championship Tour because of YOUR expert Solitaire skills. Encounter challenging obstacles and fun card-based puzzles as you traverse through exotic cities!

But you’re not alone. Your friends Emma the flight attendant and Ace the jetliner have tricks up their sleeves to help you squeeze out of any difficult situation. From Paris to Rio, you can count on Emma and Ace for a smooth trip!

Being a champion comes with many challenges. You’ll encounter the infamous Solitaire Sisters, previous WSA champions whose main goal is to stop you from reaching your final destination. These devious sisters are tricksters, but with your intelligent Solitaire skills and Emma & Ace’s help, you can easily outsmart these villains!

Collect souvenirs in your passport to remember the places you’ve visited. Land in New York to get the majestic Statue of Liberty; tour Hong Kong to find a cuddly panda stamp! Can you collect them all?

Emma and Ace aren’t the only ones that can help you on your journey. Sign in with Facebook to connect with your friends and help each other unlock new levels!

As a frequent flyer with Destination Solitaire, you’re entitled to special bonuses. Come back to play every day for a special reward to help you solve more puzzles!

It’s very easy to play. Play a card that is one value higher or lower to clear the board. Complete the goal in each level to continue on your trip!

Thanks for playing Destination Solitaire!